Do you know the significant landmark in the evolution of humanity? ...Humans became humans by learning to cook their own food.

Thus we know cooking has played a pivotal role in shaping the human civilization. It cannot be categorized as a silly art. Mukti kitchen gives you kitchen training in an entirely new concept and blissful atmosphere. We specialize in Indian vegetarian cuisine. Your teacher would impart culinary knowledge in simple language providing practical tips and know-how wherever needed.

At Mukti Kitchen, courses and schedules are flexible and you shall opt for learnng cooking lessons according to your convenience. You shall learn unlimited number of different cuisines if your stay in Goa allows for it.
  Cookery Classes

Learn to make Indian food and curries with Mukti.. and many more insights into Indian spices and culture

Basic Course: Basic course is with 5 North Indian dishes. 3 Different Curries and 2 different breads

Traditional North Indian Meal is incomplete with one or other Rotis.. Roti or Chapati as Indian bread is known as in local language. Rotis are made out of whole wheat flour. Clarified butter or ghee is applied to the roti and savored with a vegetable curry

Parantha is another varient of Indian bread. Stuffed Parantha is yet another. Though spicy potato is the traditional filling for stuffed paranthas, cauliflower, lettuce, or spinach also is used. Another Indian bread variety is Poori. Poori is deep fried in oil. Naan is another varient of Indian bread prepared in a clay oven

The Basic Course is held daily from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm (Duration 3 Hours) Fee for Basic Course    is Rs.1500 per person including Lunch. If you are a group             consisting more than 5 people(from the same group)we give Rs.100 discount per person

Advanced Course: Advanced Course is custom made where you shall opt to learn preparing any dish you liked in India, North Indian or South Indian. Its Rs.1500 per person. Rs 1400 per person if its a group of 5 or more people(from the same group)

While on the tour, you might have tasted a specific dish and wanted to learn how to prepare it. At Mukti Kitchen we conduct the advanced courses just for this purpose. Advanced courses are held daily from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

About Mukti

From early childhood Mukti had a passion for cooking and used to linger around her mother in the kitchen. Her mother also encouraged the child's flair for cooking. Growing up, Mukti started trying out new cuisines that received fabulous appreciation among her friends. No wonder she decided to turn her passion into a cherished career. Thus, Mukti Kitchen came into being.

While establishing Mukti kitchen she had the intention of providing classes in different cuisines. But studying the pattern of patronage she got in Goa, where most of the tourists paid keen interest in Indian traditional cooking and culinary habits rather than other disciplines, she narrowed the spectrum and decided to specialize in Indian Vegetarian cuisines. Her insight paid, and through six years of its existence, Mukti Kitchen succeded to carve a niche for itself in the western coastline.

Conducting the class, her enthusiasm reaches enormous dimensions almost in a contagious manner, striking an instant rapport with her students so that they find it exceedingly easy to follow her instructions and practical hints and rivet it in their minds.



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